Monday, September 19, 2011

How Back-Back Got His Name - A Review

It's a real "EEE-mergency"!  Plumpton the opossum has lost his back!'s still there, it's just invisible.  Come join the adventure as the forest friends, Lima Bear (tiny green lima bean-shaped bear), Maskamal the raccoon and Whistle-Toe the rabbit, all try to help solve this strange mystery.

How Back-Back Got His Name by Thomas Weck and Peter Weck is a delightful and humorous book that will engage your children for hours.  The team of crusaders go from one EEE-mergency to another as they search for Plumpton's disappearing back.

The illustrations by Len DiSalvo are a perfect accompaniment to this story.  The pictures are rich in detail and really draws your attention around the page.  I love the expressions on the animals faces - so fun!  In addition at the back of the book there is an extended learning page with before, during and after learning prompts as well activites you can do with your children.

How Back-Back Got His Name is available in hardcover.  For more information on this book and other Lima Bear stories check out Lima Bear Press.  Book is also available at Barnes & Noble, and Amazon

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