Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dance, Y'all, Dance - A Review

When the folks of a small town meet at the dance hall, fun is sure to ensue. 

Dance, Y'all Dance by Kelly Bennett is a wonderfully fun and funny picture book.  Come spend a Saturday night at the Horseshoe where young, old, great dancers and not all take a twirl on the shiny dance floor.  This tale is written in rhyme and flows along as perfectly as the...four turns and fast hands of Pistachio.

The illustrations by Terri Murphy are a perfect accompaniment to this delightful story - they're bright, bold and tell a whole story themselves!

Check out, Dance, Y'all, Dance on Kelly Bennett's web site, Amazon or Barnes & Noble

This is a must have for any youngster's bookshelf =)


Kelly Bennett said...

Yeehaw! Thanks for sharing news about Dance Y'all Dance, published by Bright Sky Press. We'll be dancing and signing books at the Texas Book Festival this Oct 22 in Austin! Join us and Dance On!

Terri Murphy said...

Thanks for the mention...and noticing the story within the story! Kelly's a good dancer..!!

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