Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Cave Monster - A Review

When Lima Bear's cousin, L.Joe Bean, is captured by the cave monster the gang jumps into action.  Whistle-Toe the rabbit brings his canteen, Lima Bear brings two swords (his own and L.Joe Bean's), Maskamal the raccoon brings his bow and arrow and a red flag to wave at the monster.

The plan is formed and soon the gang sets out to rescue their friend, but will it work?  Find out in, The Cave Monster by Thomas Weck and Peter Weck.

Once again the Weck father/son team brings a humorous tale of friendship, courage and just plain fun.  Your kids will love the kooky plan the critters come up with to capture the cave monster.  The illustrations by Len DiSalvo are beautiful and so full of details you want to just spend time looking around the pages.  In addition, there's extended learning and extra activities at the end of the story to fully engage your children.

This is a delightful, wonderful book.  The Wecks and DiSalvo have done it again.  They're the perfect combo - like PB&J!

To learn more about The Cave Monster please visit Lima Bear Press or stop by Barnes & Noble and Amazon online.


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