Sunday, November 21, 2010

Looking for a unique gift for that special someone on your Christmas shopping list?  Check out Small by Nature!

Small by Nature is a collection of home goods inspired by the vivid hues and singular beauty of nature. Searching the world over for remarkable concepts and accessories to adorn the home, Diana Berchan has created a distinctive collection sure to please the senses as well as the sensibilities

Her keen sense of style, art, and a deep appreciation for the earth has led her to embrace accents and designs that can magically transform our surroundings. Connecting to the natural world is essential, and Small by Nature helps to forge this connection by offering superior-quality products, influenced by the organic forms, playful textures and the incomparable color combinations found in nature.

Nature’s elements are changing all the time and each season has its own unique beauty. Diana has captured this with an array of products found in her special section called Diana’s Palette. Each season she explores the latest color trends and matches them with home accents from her website. Look for Diana’s Palette at the top of the home page!

Small by Nature illustrates Diana’s dedication to supporting a living world while appreciating its intrinsic beauty. To help ensure its future, many of the products are earth friendly and promote fair trade. Each of Diana’s carefully selected artisans is committed to his or her own cause, as she is committed to hers – supporting animal shelters around the country. Diana believes that a beloved pet can transform a house into a cozy home and wants her customers to experience that same warm feeling when they purchase one of her home products.

~ Small by Nature is a little company with a big heart.

~ Small by Nature donates 5 percent of its net profits to a different non-profit animal shelter/foundation each month.

~ In the blog section, Rosie introduces three of her furry pals who are looking for a good home .

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You’ll find easy home styling ideas for every season and gifts for every occasion.

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