Monday, November 22, 2010

Rock n Learn - Money & Making Change

Wow!  Education CAN be fun!  Rock n Learn's Money & Making Change is a lively, fun and wonderful DVD to get your little ones learning all about money.

Penny and Bill are you hosts as they teach about the different coins and how they relate to each other, strategies for counting and making change, money in written terms and so much more.  Penny and Bill keep it fun and upbeat with rock n roll music, cool games and playful, catchy songs.

Money & Making Change is approximately 57 minutes long and is design for children 6 and up - but even your toddlers will enjoy the fast pace.

Here's what you can expect inside this awesome DVD;

•Meet Penny & Bill              
•The Coin Song                       
•Counting Pennies
•Counting Nickels
•Counting Dimes
•Counting Quarters
•Counting Half Dollars
•Dollars & Other Bills
•Writing Money
•Equivalent Forms of Money
•Counting Money
•Counting Practice
•Count the Coins Game
•"Do I Have Enough Money?" Game
•Making Change
•Penny & Bill Live in Concert

Children's educational DVD series Rock n Learn once again received top honors from the parenting community's most prestigious organizations for Money & Making Change.

Want to get your kids on the road to learning with Rock n Learn?  From now until December 5th, Rock n Learn is offering readers a 25% discount at the checkout.  All you have to do is log onto and use the promo code SSA25 at the checkout.

I'm also giving away this awesome DVD along with Rock n Learn's Phonics Volume 1.  All you have to do is sign up for our FREE monthly newsletter at; and you will be automatically entered.

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