Saturday, November 20, 2010

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Today we feature an "Interview With a Pilot" by Candace Hartsuyker in our Job-a-Palooza section.  This fascinating article talks with Garrett Hartsuyker an airline pilot.  Read the sneak peek below and check out the rest of the article on Imagination-Cafe.

               Job-a-palooza - Pilot  by Candace Hartsuyker

An airport would be nonexistent without these people. Pilots are in charge of transporting people to and from where they want to go. They also have steps they must take before and after they fly.

Pilots can specialize in many areas:

Flight instructor- Of course, for all jobs that have to do with pilots you first must get a Commercial Pilot License. Like a driver’s license, it allows you to fly planes. When you become a flight instructor you must get another license to teach people how to fly.

Helicopter Pilot- This licenses you to fly helicopters.

Airline Pilot- This allows you to fly all the big planes and travel far and wide.

Interview with a Pilot:

After working in the newspaper industry for a couple of years, Garrett Hartsuyker decided it was time for a change, so he became an airline pilot. He first started as a flight instructor and then worked his way up. He says one incident sticks in his mind. In fifth grade while he was daydreaming his teacher snapped at him.

“Garrett,” she said, “There is no job in the world where you can look out a window and sit on your bottom all day.” Garrett says he never would have guessed that one day she’d be proven wrong.

When he was a kid he loved to construct model airplanes and was fascinated at how they were put together...

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