Monday, June 28, 2010

Medical Buddies to the Rescue

If you were ever sick as a child, then you know how scary it was to go to the Emergency Room or to be admitted into the hospital. Kids still face these fears today – and if they are a special needs child, the medical world can be extra frightening. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were toys, dvd’s and television programming to alleviate some of the stress of the being ill?

Well look no further, its Medical Buddies to the rescue. This group of cute, fun characters each represent a different instrument that doctors and nurses will use to diagnose your sick child. There’s Ban-Dio (bandage), Ackobar (alcohol), Gaz-oo (guaze), Te’Per (tape), Seth-O (stethoscope) and Kit (first aid kit). This group of lively characters will take the fear out of routine medical procedures by explaining it in a fun and child-friendly way.

The Morning Buddies Show has also been created to let your child view the characters at work. Plop them down in front of the dvd or web show to watch an exciting adventure of the “buddies” helping ease the fears of a sick child.

We all want our children to live happy, healthy lives, however sickness and accidents do occur, learning with the Medical Buddies can ease the stress of being sick.

Check out their program at;

Be sure to pop by tomorrow as I will have an interview with founder of the Medical Buddies, Teresa Freeman.

Want to win your own Medical Buddies and dvd (ones in the pic above)? All you have to do is leave me a comment in this Blog Spot – double your chances if you sign up for The Café Buzz (Imagination-Café’s FREE monthly newsletter).


Carrie said...

That is so smart! I think having these would make my job at the hospital WAY more fun! (Im a pediatric nurse) Awesome product!

Kelly said...

First of all, great idea in this post. As a former Army medic from the Ped's ward, and as a mom, there is a lot of value in anything that can help calm a child's fears during medical procedures.

I found your blog through the 'Critique my Blog' list, and I think it's great! Lots of good information for parents and a family friendly layout.

Tree said...

Woohoo! I get two entries. LOL This is just too cute! Great giveaway.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and following from Bloggy Moms! I'm following you back with all 4 of my blogs. :)

Tree (aka Mother of Pearl)
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Cher said...

Looks adorable, my sons would definitely love it as they have to go to the doctor a lot!

Fun On a Dime Lady said...

This would be a lot of fun for my kids. They love to pretend to be at the Dr. office. There was a time when my oldest was terrified of the Dr. and this would have been nice

Fun On a Dime Lady said...

If you mean subscribe to the Cafe Buzz page via google friends, then coung me in for an extra entry. If that is not how you sign up, please let me know. I couldn't find any other links... funonadime (at) gmail (dot) com

Imagination-Cafe Magazine said...

Congratulations to Tree Lindsay for winning the random draw for the Medical Buddies - Thanks to everyone who entered :)

Sandie lee

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