Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Medical Buddies - Theresa Freeman - Part 1

My name is Theresa LeDay-Freeman; I am an author, writer, singer, lyricist and most importantly, a mother of three.

It’s amazing the path GOD takes you on whether we agree or not, and that’s kind of how this organization was built. I have a special-needs child, born severely premature at twenty-four weeks. Being undeveloped required many surgeries 28 and still counting. I saw the fear in my son’s eyes each time he was scheduled for surgery. I remember asking GOD for two things:

1) To comfort my son through all his surgeries and pain
2) To secure his future and his peers like him, because of the tough life they will face.

It was shortly after; the vision, stories, names, everything just came to me; and slowly it came to reality.
I was in the NICU, at the hospital just writing, sketching and creating stories. I couldn’t wait to see the first prototype, because I could actually give my son (JeReese) something to hold onto and take with him when I couldn’t go any further into the surgery procedure room.

I would literally wake up in the middle of the night and start typing stories, and sketching these instruments (medical supplies) that scared my son. I could see fear every time they would just take his temperature, give him a shot or take blood. It amazes me how it all came together just like a story book.

THE MORNING BUDDIES® MEDICAL BUDDIES®; as they’re called is a group of cartoon characters that are uniquely designed as a replica of its more threatening counterpart, the medical supplies. Our ‘MBs’ help a child to understand at their level, what is going to happen during their medical visit and why. This will allow a child to understand that the medical supplies used by doctors are not harmful, but helpful, and they are their friends, who are with them through their scary moments.

One of many special events….. Mom shares her daughter’s experience of and MORNING BUDDIES® MEDICAL BUDDIES® as they were being featured LIVE in Arkansas…

Uthfull Media - KARK 4 Today, Arkansas - Part 1, Part 2, & Part 3
KARK 4 – Today Arkansas Matters. Click here to watch
Be sure to stop by tomorrow for the second part of Theresa's interview.

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anne maskell said...

Hi Sandie, thanks for your comments on my blog! I'd like the print to be a bit darker too, but I'm not sure how to do it. I love your medical buddies, they are a great idea!

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