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Interview with Beth Aldrich - Check it Out!

I caught up with Beth Aldrich, writer, media producer and Mom-preneur. Here's what she had to say;


I am a mother of 3 boys, and I have a few interesting projects on the table right now. I am always thinking of new ideas and ways to make my life better and that of my family and the world around me. I started For Her Information Media, LLC to create media projects that would create a positive ripple effect in the world! I am currently writing a book for Penguin Books, Real Moms Love To Eat: Conduct a Love Affair with Food and Still Look Fabulous!
I loved producing and hosting my own PBS TV series, I learned so much-so humbling-and I met such amazing friends!

Tell us about For Her Information Magazine

FHI was created as a monthly publication (it used to be in print, but we opted to save trees and be strictly online) for conscious-minded women, to make their lives better and that of the world around us. I love my IT GIRL Column (Information Trends Girl), where I can share fun, trendy and clever products and services. I'm so proud of FHI!

I'm a huge Chicken Soup for the Soul fan, tell us about your debut here.

I came upon an opportunity to submit for the Power Moms version of Chicken Soup for the Soul and jumped at it. I love those books and to be able to write for Wendy Williams (an amazing writer/editor), I was thrilled. I wrote about my very devastating car accident and how it suspended (temporarily) my PBS series. It brought me to a crossroads where I then decided to study Holistic Nutrition in New York City at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Columbia University--it was the most amazing life experience I've ever had (aside from giving birth 3 times and running the Boston Marathon!)

How do you juggle your business and home life? Any tips?

I know how to delegate. For the longest time, I was a control freak, doing EVERYTHING myself. Once I got over the fact that it was ok to have someone else do my laundry, the rest was easy! My husband is very supportive and creates situations where I am able to travel for work or work long hours on projects. I've also included my sons in some of the projects or ask their opinions, just to keep close to their opinions about things and to make sure I don't alienate them by working and being a mom! It's a constant barter...I have to say no to so many awesome social events because my priority is my family and then work second. Social takes 3rd place!

You also have a radio show - when did you start and what is it about?

I started my radio show about 3 months before my car accident in 2007. It was originally called, Conversations with Beth and Dan. After a year or so, Dan decided to work on other projects so I worked with my friend Susie and now Tracey Mallett. I love, love, love interviewing and getting to know people on-air. I feel good knowing that I am helping their public exposure and that I can shine the light on THEM to expand and grow. I love my radio show!

Any upcoming events or news you can let us in on?

I am actively working on my book this summer and then I will be planning my book tour for next fall. In the mean time, fans/readers can join me on the book's "warm up" website, to read our weekly posts and watch our Real Mom TV videos and even share a recipe or food story with us! I am also building a green-inspired home which should be done this fall...very excited about that!

You've even ran four marathons - how do you prepare for something like this?

I haven't run a marathon in a few years, but it takes a lot out of you. I treated my training like a part-time job, getting massage, acupuncture, lifting weights and doing my training runs. It's a serious event and it should be treated as such. I get injured running a lot, because like everything I do, I am like a dog with a bone and never give up and push too hard. So, I've learned alot about how to slow down, take it slow and know in time, good things will come. It was an amazing experience to run Boston, with the amazing crowds and the energy of it all. Life changing, really.

Anything else you'd like to add?

I just want to thank everyone for their support and hope that they all will join my newsletter so that over the next year, we can get a lot of excitement and buzz about this special book we are working on. It is going to be really useful, clever and just plain FUN! Take care of yourself, eat well and think positive!

xo Beth

Beth Aldrich (CHC, AADP) Healthy & Green Lifestyle Expert, Writer, Media Producer *(sign up for my newsletter)

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