Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Are You Sure That Was a Rabbit?

With Easter almost here, I can't think a better book to give your kids than, Are You Sure That Was a Rabbit? by Clay Harper & Jas Ingram.

When the kids go out to explore with their teacher, Ms Gwinn, the students learn some valuable lessons about keeping our planet healthy.  However, there is also plenty of animals lurking about - could they all be rats?! 

Ms. Gwinn assures the children the animals are anything but rats and explains the difference, until see actually does see a rat!

Are You Sure That Was a Rabbit is a hilarious book that your kids will love.  The humour isn't only kid friendly but I laughed out loud as well.  The ending (which I'm not telling) is a surprising tie up to all the adventure and fun.  Plus, the illustrations are cute and the perfect accompaniment to the story - it's like PB&J!

This is a perfect book for Easter or anytime reading, so check it out at Amazon or look at your local book retailer.


Jas Ingram said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for all the kindness.


Anonymous said...

Great Book! I think everyone should have a copy on their bookshelf.
Thanks for the hard work and for sharing the story with such fabulous pictures. Kudos to you.

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