Monday, April 9, 2012

Two Kinds of Color ~ A Review

Freddie grew up in an abusive home and at the tender age of 15 she decides she's had enough and runs away.  Meanwhile Ruby, a smart black girl without privilege is abandoned by her parents at a gas station.  By chance Freddie and Ruby meet and become instant friends.

These two girls learn what life is like - in all it's ugliness - as they struggle to grow up and make ends meet.  Soon the girls meet Jimmy Tate, a mean, selfish "business" man that has dirty connections and an eye for the girls.  He soon hooks up with Freddie and uses her for his own demented means.  Freddie, becomes pregnant through her prostitution not once, but 4 times -  two children are white, two are black - and Freddie must struggle with being a mom and keeping Jimmy from killing her.  Ruby has become a protective second mom to the kids and will stop at nothing to keep them and Freddie safe.  So much so that she goes to prison while defending the people she calls family.

Two Kinds of Color by Deborah Kennedy is a fast-paced and sometimes dark look at the world of prostitution and domestic abuse.  Kennedy's characters are true-to-life and will make you cry and route for their safety. 

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