Monday, March 12, 2012

Bertie Bumble Bee Troubled by the Letter "b"

Bertie bumble bee is excited to start school.  He has all his things ready and looks super smart in his school uniform.  Bertie learns the alphabet song, numbers and the alphabet, but soon finds out that he has the trouble with the letter "b" - he confuses it with the letter "d".

Willy Wasp and some of the other students make Bertie feel bad. Faking a tummy ache, Mom soon realizes that Bertie is keeping a painful secret.  Will Mom get it out of Bertie?  How will Mom save the day and Bertie's embarrassing problem?  Find out in, Bertie Bumble Bee Trouble with the Letter "b" by K.I. Al-Ghani.

This book is a not only great story telling, but it also gives an easy and practical solution to all parents with kids suffering from dyslexia.  In addition, the author has added a section at the back called, Helping Your Child to Master Basic Phonics - the perfect end to a perfect tale!

Bertie was brought to life by the wonderful illustrations by Haitham Al-Ghani - they're bold and bright and a delight to behold!

For more information on Bertie Bumble Bee Troubled by the Letter "b", it's available at Shiffer Books and Amazon

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