Friday, March 9, 2012

Adventures of Little Herbert in Mushroomland

Herbert is small and often picked on by his classmates.  One day Herbert hears a whisper in his ear - a new boy gives him some valuable, yet strange advice about how to hit the baseball hard and far - desperate to fit in, Herbert takes the boys advice.

Alone in the state park on the eve of the full moon Herbert does as the boy says.  He not only hits the ball, but he lands himself in the strange and tiny world of Mushroomland.  Will all his questions be answered?  How will Herbert fit it and ultimately help his new friends?  Find out in, Adventures of Little Herbert in Mushroomland by Natasha Guruleva.

Even though this picture book was a bit on the longer side, the message of friendship, determination and imagination rings through.  Herbert will demonstrate to children that being small isn't always a bad thing and that true friendship is possible - no matter what the physical differences may be.

In addition, the pictures are not illustrated, but done with dolls in an actual forest setting.  Quite unique!

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