Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bugs in Shoes

Kids usually think of bugs as "yucky" or "gross."  However, Beth Wilder's new book, Bugs in Shoes is an adorable and fun read for your little tykes.

There's nothing icky about these bugs. The big, bold illustrations of these humorous insects are sure to be a hit.  There's boy bugs, girl bugs and baby bugs all wearing;

*  boots
*  shorts
*  suits
*  slickers
*  knickers
*  and so many more...

My personal favorite is bugs in shirts and bugs in ties - the illustrations bring a smile to my face every time.  Your kids will love this book.  It's so simple, yet so much fun!  In addition, the sentences used in this book are perfect for beginner readers - it's written in a "snappy sing-song" rhythm to help them retain what they've heard and learned.


Check out Bugs in Shoes on Schiffer's web site.

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