Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Bone to Pick” Places in Toasted Cheese’s Dead of Winter 2011 Contest!

I was given the opportunity to read Kristi Petersen Schoonover's A Bone to Pick and it was fabulous!

This short story is set in a time when the world as we know it has ended and skeleton/zombie-like creatures have taken over.  Her main character, Mel, is left to survive on her own.  She's a strong, independent women who left her boyfriend when he professed to love another.  But will that resolve hold true when Warren shows up at her cottage, begging for refuge?  She has figured out the key to keeping these creatures at bay and herself alive, how can she simply forget what he did to her in the past and let him in?

This is a fabulous and chilling short fiction that has a great ending.  A Bone to Pick was chosen to tie for second place in Toasted Cheese’s 2011 Dead of Winter Contest!

Check out this article here and Kristi's other works and site at;

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I'm here from Create with Joy's Friendship Friday. ~ Blessings

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