Saturday, January 21, 2012

Spitting on the Field

                                   By Susie Yakowicz


Recognize that sound? It’s hard to miss on the baseball field. Although many of us think spitting is downright gross, baseball players have been doing it since the early days of the game.

Back then, players often chewed tobacco (called “chaw”) during innings and spit out the juice. Chaw kept their mouths from getting too dry in the dusty ballparks, and they used the spit to soften their gloves. But chaw had a downside. Like other tobacco products, it caused all kinds of health problems. Once the dangers became public, many players quit chewing. The minor and college leagues even banned chaw’s use. Not all players spit because of tobacco chewing, though. Some pitchers did it for a different reason. They applied spit to the ball before throwing it to try and trick the batter. These spitballs or “spitters” would curve unpredictably, making them nearly impossible to hit. read more...

About the Author;

Susie Yakowicz is a freelance writer and editor living in Minnesota. Her work has appeared in numerous magazines for children and adults. She has also written and published four historical books. For more information about Susie, please visit her website at;

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