Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Insect Idioms by Kathleen Bookbinder

Here is a fact that will leave you “bug-eyed”- There are over 1 million different insects living on earth!

“Bug-eyed” is an insect idiom that means “surprised”. So what’s an idiom, you ask? Idioms are groups of words that say one thing but mean something else. Insect idioms use insects or insect behaviors to explain how people feel or behave. Read the insect idioms below and see if you can guess what they mean. (The explanation and an interesting insect fact are right below the idiom in case you get stuck.)

"You have ants in your pants!"

Imagine having tiny ants crawling all over your legs…can you feel the tickle? The tickle would make you wiggle and squirm. That's why people use this idiom to describe a person who can’t sit still. READ MORE...

About the Author

Kathleen Bookbinder is a former teacher turned children’s writer whose fascination with “creepy crawlies” has led to articles on snakes, lizards, ants and assorted insects. Focused on stories that entice and excite reluctant readers with fun, engaging prose on gross and unusual topics, Kathleen’s work has been published or slated for publication in local, national and international magazines and newspapers. Currently, Kathleen is finishing up a book on “zombie ants”, which she hopes will make its way to publication in the near future.

On a good day, when Kathleen is not researching or writing about strange, odd and curious members of the animal kingdom, she can be found reading (anything she can get her hands on) or cheering with her husband for one of their four children at various baseball, horseback riding or academic events. On a bad day, you’ll find Kathleen scrubbing algae from the cages of the family’s African Water Frogs-ugh!"


Kathryn said...

Entomology was one of my favorite college courses! new follower from the blog hop, would love a follow back.


Mommy With Selective Memory said...

Love your site!! How do you have time for all these blogs! I can barely keep up with one lol thanks for following I'm now following back!

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