Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Job-a-palooza - Animal Trainer and Behaviorist

by Joanne Dekker

Did you ever wonder how they get animals to do all those amazing tricks in the movies? Not like the "talking" pig or sheep in "Babe," but real animals doing real things? Think about how much fun it is when your dog sits or "shakes hands" on command. Wouldn’t it be fun to teach him to ring a bell or hide his head under his paws? Or maybe it would just be nice if "Oliver" didn’t jump on your grandmother or steal food off the table. Thinking even bigger, how cool would it be to train a sea lion to toss you a ball or teach an elephant to take a bow?

There’s more to working with animals than teaching dogs to walk nicely on a leash and animal behaviorists work with all types of animals for lots of different reasons, read more...

Check out this fun and educational article by Joanne Dekker on Job-a-Palooza at Imagination-Cafe Magazine for Kids (It's FREE)

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