Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Christmas Pups - a Review

Ruff, Tuff and Penny, three delightful puppies are abandoned on the side of the road and later picked up and brought to a shelter.  The pups are scared and tired, but soon meet an older dog named Brownie.  Brownie explains to them about Christmas...

"Christmas is ginger cookies under the table,
red glittery balls you're not suppose to play with,
and a stocking with your name on it..." 

Ruff and Tuff want a family all of their own, but more so, they want Penny to be chosen.  Will Ruff and Tuff's plan work?  Will Penny be in a home for Christmas? Find out in The Christmas Pups by Teresa Bateman.

This book is an endearing and a wonderful read, sending a subtle message about the indifference of mankind.  The ending is a happy one and will soon become a Christmas favorite.

The illustrations by John Kanzler are absolutely gorgeous.  The pups almost jump off the page!

For more information on, The Christmas Pups check out Albert Whitman & Company at;

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