Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pinata - A Review

Jorge the Pinata maker is a fabulous artist - "Twelve circles to the left and three to the right.  A dash of hope and a sprinkle of light..."

His newest creation is about to be brought to life.  Set high upon the shelf with Miguel the Monkey and Cynthia the dog, Pancho the pig is finally finished.  He's still a bit shy and not quite understanding what has happened, but soon the duo explain to him what being a Pinata is all about - being lifted up high at the fiesta and admired by all.  However, when Duck comes back torn in two the trio soon learn the real horror behind the Pinata.

Pinata by Ken Locsmandi and Sebastian A. Jones is a fun, humorous and endearing tale.  It's filled with surprises that not only have you cheering for the "doomed" pig, but also have you wanting him to fulfill his intended purpose. 

The illustrations by Tomo are second to none - pay attention to the little mice on each page as they are funny and so entertaining - Tomo has also captured each character's facial expressions which really sets the tone for all the adventure.

In addition to one of the best children's books to hit the market, Pinata also includes instructions to make your own pig Pinata and also a bio on each "helpful" candy thieving mouse - my favourite is Yosh the charmer, dreamer and wishful thinker - so clever!

If you haven't experienced Pinata for yourself you need to grab a copy today - this would make a great Christmas present - Pinata needs to be in your library and is sure to become a nightly read.  If this isn't enough to convince you, 10 percent of all proceeds from Pinata goes to Kids Need to Read.

I LOVED this book and am definitely going to make my own pig Pinata.  Thanks Stranger Kids!

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Grandma Bonnie said...

Sounds like a great read. Thanks for sharing.I am a new follower from the Wild weekend hop. Hope you stop by and follow if you like.

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