Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Count Down to Christmas - Advent Calendar

The tradition of the advent calendar is a wonderful way to help your little ones "get through" all those long days and weeks leading up to the BIG day - Christmas.

You can buy these calendars anywhere and some are as simple as opening a small window to see a picture to ones offering a chocolate or treat.  However, the best ones I have ever seen are definitely from Time Enough for Love. 

These calendars are made from sturdy cardboard and provide small boxes (each marked with the day and a printed design) stacked in a tower-like form.  The calendar itself is decorated like a brick chimney and is a fun and personal way to give your kids a treat every day in December.  The little boxes are big enough to fill with small toys and other goodies, but not too big as to make it clumsy and difficult to display.  Also, as the boxes are opened, the chimney has printed pictures on the inside back so you're not just looking at cardboard. 

Not creative?  Time Enough for Love will custom fill you calendar according to the age and gender you request.  And of course you may purchase the advent calendar empty.  But HURRY you'll need to order your advent calendar BEFORE November 22'nd to insure it will be delivered on time in North America.

Time Enough for Love has thought of everything!  Now all you have to do is order one.  Check them out at; http://www.timeenoughforlovecalendars.com/children.shtml or all of their cool items at; http://www.timeenoughforlovecalendars.com/

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Alexandra Rose said...

This looks great! My mum just bought a chocolate advent calendar for my daughter but to be honest I am not keen on her getting used to eating chocolate every day. I'm preparing myself for a huge tantrum when it stops after christmas. This looks like a great alternative!
Visiting from Wednesday Social Bzzz x

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