Saturday, November 12, 2011

Modern Art Memory Game - A Review

The game "Memory" has been around for ages.  Cards of all sorts have been designed to help children learn and recount.  These cards are "childish" and can tend to get a bit boring for the parent involved.  However, there's now an alternative that's fun for both children and adults.

Ammo Books Modern Art Memory Game will not only help children with their recalling, but it also teaches about 36 of the world's most famous artists and their beloved paintings.  From Albers to Warhol this memory game is sure to make a lasting impression (pun intended).

In addition, this game can be played by all ages.  To mix it up try using a point system for not only matching the cards, but for naming the artist and the year the work was published (booklet is included to help with this information) - it's fun and so educational!

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