Thursday, October 20, 2011

When We Walked Above the Clouds

When we picture a Green Beret our vision most likely includes a fit soldier in uniform wearing his signature beret at the precise tilt.  As much as this vision is true, we lack the insight to really know what goes on in the hearts and minds of these brave individuals.  When we Walked Above the Clouds by H. Lee Barnes is one soldier's memoir of the sometimes terrifying and always grueling tale of serving in the Vietnam war.

Coming from a broken and abusive home life, young Barnes does the unthinkable and voluntarily enlists for duty in the escalating and unpredictable Vietnam war in the mid-sixties.  Barnes takes to his duties like a duck to water and in doing so learns some tough lessons.  From egos and stupidity of the higher-ups, to watching friends die in battle, Barnes pulls no punches in his memoir of those stressful days.

I wasn't even born yet when Barnes goes through this life altering experience, so I know little of that war and the men who served in it.  However, When We Walked Above the Clouds is a fascinating and eye-opening read.  I was compelled to find out what happens next and how it will all turn out for Barnes.  I was never much interested in "war tales" but I'm glad I found this memoir.  Barnes wasn't only a great soldier, he's a fantastic writer - you don't need to like war stories to find When We Walked Above the Clouds a must read!

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