Saturday, October 22, 2011

Shout Factory - Halloween Spook-tacular

Are you tired of all the gory, real-imaging DVD's that are put out around Halloween?  Bring your little ones back to a time when cartoons weren't in 3D and the ghosts were actually cute, not scary.

Shout Factory brings you Casper The Friendly Ghost the complete collection from 1945-1963.  This set has over seven hours of "spooky" cartooning fun.  Plus, it includes a never seen before Casper adventure, commentaries, interviews, a 20-page book and comic book cover gallery.

Delight you children this Halloween with Casper, Wendy the friendly witch, his cousin Spooky and the antagonizing trio of ghosts.  This collection is sure to bring hours and hours of fun, not nightmares.

Check out Casper the Friendly Ghost and other DVD's at Shout Factory

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