Monday, July 11, 2011

Most Un'Likely to Succeed - A Review

Growing up in small-town McAlisterville, Pennsylvania in the 60's may seem like the ideal way to spend ones childhood, but for Nelson Lauver it was anything but ideal.

Nelson was terrified as being labeled the "dumb kid" so he did everything in his power to avoid reading out loud in class.  But with this acting out came harsh punishments and being known as the trouble-making, "bad kid."  However, Nelson was neither dumb nor bad, he suffers from dyslexia.

Most Unlikely to Succeed a memoir by Nelson Lauver is a tell-all tale of Nelson's own struggles with dyslexia.  He blends the raw facts with humor and will keep you turning those pages.  This is one of the best books I've read this year - I couldn't put it down!  You'll be amazed at some of the tactics teachers used in this small town to "rehabilitate" children with problems.

Here's more of what you'll learn from this book;
  • Finding the strength to get back up
  • Moving past your fears to discover your voice
  • Learning to champion your own cause
  • Believing in yourself
  • Overcoming insurmountable odds
Check out Most Unlikely to Succeed at; also available on Amazon

Be sure to check back this week as I'll be listing facts about Literacy and Dyslexia from Nelson Louver.

About the Author:

Since 1996, Nelson Lauver has been a syndicated broadcaster, writer, speaker, humorist, award-winning narrator, and advocate. He is known to radio listeners across the country for “The American Storyteller Radio Journal” – a daily four-minute slice of the American experience broadcast on radio stations across the United states and via the internet. He has written and narrated over 300 short stories for radio.

He is a highly regarded speaker amongst corporate audiences, educators, associations, government agencies, civic organizations, and disability groups—acclaimed for sharing his own story as a way to help others reach their potential.

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