Monday, December 27, 2010

Pet Rescue Week

Pet Rescue Week begins with this heart-warming story by Amanda Crossley and a cat called Sandy. 

We live in an older suburban neighborhood, between a middle and elementary school. So it is not surprising to see a few cats roving about. There is the big yellow cat that we refer to as “the boss” no one seems to mess with him. There are Charlie and Sammie our neighbor’s cats. There is the long-haired dark brown cat who I call “Boris” because he looks like a spy.

So I didn’t think much when I white tabby with a tan blanket started hanging out on our porch. I didn’t feed him because we already had two cats and we didn’t really need another pet.

For the better part of a week I can home every day to find him sitting on the half wall in front of our house. He would look at me expectantly. He seemed a little skinny, probably around two years old. But I was resolved, I would not fall in love with this little stray.

Then something magical happened. It was Easter week and the weather man was predicting a cool spring- very unusual for Texas. I woke up and looked out the window to see this sweet kitty sitting in the same spot surrounded by flurries. I knew then I was a gonner. He didn’t move, he sat there for at least an hour looking in the window.

When I finally could take it any more I called my husband over and asked if I could bring him in. He looked at me ruefully and said “you know what this means?” and I said “I can buy him a collar?” My husband just shook his head and walked away.

I wasn’t sure how the cat would react, but I opened the door and in he trotted. Since then Sandy (so named by my husband for his coloration) has never wanted to leave. He doesn’t like to go outside and is the biggest lover cat I have ever met. If there’ a lap around he will find it and fill it.

Here’s to Sandy the street cat that picked us.

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