Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rescue Week - "The Dude"

Clair provided us with the wonderful story of his rescued Boston Terrier.  Read on...

Almost five years ago, I made a life changing decision to rescue a Boston Terrier from the animal shelter in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I say it was life changing because at the time I was just winding down my business as a consultant that required lots of travel, and I had really never had time for a dog. More importantly, this would be the first dog of my very own, and I was pushing 50 years old. My life changed decidedly for the better when I went to see a dog they warned me about by saying, "He's a humper."

Well, after that kind of introduction, I had no choice but to name my new dog Humper, even though he had been "fixed" and is always very polite with all manner of people and animals he meets. It wasn't long after we became buddies that I began referring to him as the "Humper dude," and the nickname Dude stuck. So, now "The Dude" and I are constant companions and he knows that he has two names - Dude for casual conversation, and Humper when I really need to get his attention.

Not only has the Humper Dude been a life changer for me, but I've been a life changer for him as well. It was clear that my little buddy had been abused. He cowered when I would handle a broom or stick in his presence, and would yip in anticipation of a swift kick to his backside if I accidentally stepped on his heels. Clearly he needed to trust someone again, so I set about to earn his trust from the very start. Scolding only, and never any physical punishment. It was time for this dog to trust his "pack leader" and enjoy his life.

After three days on a leash, I was convinced of his need to stay right with me, so ever since then he's never regularly been placed on a leash. He is controlled by voice command only, and behaves very well in any situation I care to place him in - public or private. We go shopping in stores, we travel across the country, stay in pet friendly motels, and visit the homes of friends and family - all without a lease. He never barks, never bites, and only has two interests in mind - playing and giving kisses with that exceptionally large tongue of his. As a result, I officially registered him as Humper Go-Play Lickerson (a.k.a. Dude).

It's hard to describe just how wonderful this dog is. To say he's part of the family is an gross understatement. The best way to sum up the Dude is to say that if I made a list of all of the qualities that he possess and then gave this list to someone saying, "I want a dog just like this." They would hand the piece of paper back to me saying, "You gotta be nuts. There is no such dog."

Come see some of the life and times of an amazing Boston Terrier at http://dude-the-boston.blogspot.com/


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