Sunday, December 26, 2010

Little Skiff's Moving Adventures

Moving can be a scary time for children - leaving all things familiar for the unknown.  Little Skiff's Moving Adventures is one book that may help elevate these fears.

Little Skiff, an active adventurous Sheltie is well loved by his family, but when it comes time to leave his cold Alaska home for the heat of Arizona, he has his doubts.  What about his friends Denali the husky lead dog and Kerrie the caribou?  Soon the children convince Skiff that Arizona will be filled with new friends and fun and off they go.

I enjoyed how the author Dany Pierard-Deviche has broken this book up into sections.  The beginning shows Skiff's Alaskan life, she then smoothly transitions into his move to Arizona - it's like getting two stories in one!

Kids will love the adventures Skiff has and will look forward to his reactions of living in the exact opposite climate of Arizona. 

This book is written by Skiff's point of view which draws you into the story.  The simple illustrations are the perfect companion to this wonderful and exciting story.

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