Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Grumpy Frog

Are you grumpy in the morning?  Are your kids?  Then I have the perfect book for you.

Rana frog is sleeping peacefully by a big oak tree when suddenly...

"...They whistled and sang, all of nature they woke..."

Startled, Rana frog awoke and was grumpy.  Soon a beautiful bird named Lulu points out Rana's mistake.  However, is it possible that Lulu may learn a lesson as well?  Find out in The Grumpy Frog by Dana L. Perri, part of the Think...Then Jump Series.

This book is a sweet and delightful read.  It demonstrates valuable life-lessons that are sure to stick with your little ones.  The big, bright, bold illustrations are a perfect accompaniment.

The Grumpy Frog is a celebrated winner of the iParenting Media Award, received an Honourable Mention from the New York Book Festival, has received approval and recommendation from The Family Review Center, and most recently was named 2010 Preferred Choice from Creative Child Magazine.

Check out The Grumpy Frog at; http://thinkthenjump.com/

Also available on Amazon

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