Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What to Do...What to Do...

No travel itinerary can prepare you for 36 hours trapped in an airport due to snow, canceled flights or a yuletide backlog.

Until now.

In December 2009, terminals across the nation were clogged with twice the average number of canceled flights. Based on personal experience, Coupon Sherpa has created a guide for surviving such horrendous holiday delays, including a rundown of airports to avoid, how to pack your carry-on, what to do with children and an hour-by-hour guide to maintaining your sanity. A look at the clock includes:

Hour 1, Minute 10: Try to find an alternate route. If you're in a snowbound airport, no one is going anywhere. If planes are still flying, however, be the first to know about a flight headed to your destination. Skip mobs at the airline counter and either find a ticketing kiosk or download the FlightTrack application for iPhone and Android smartphones.

Hour 13:  Keep yourself hydrated the cheap way. Hopefully you packed a Nalgene or similar bottle to fill at the nearby water fountain. It beats exorbitant prices on bottled water and staying hydrated will cut down on headaches.

Hour 31:  Get some much-needed exercise. It's officially been four full work cycles since you arrived at the airport feeling spry as a teenager under mistletoe. Reinvigorate that youthful energy with a quick workout at an airport gym. These exercise havens are a growing trend across the nation, with independent centers popping up at LAX, Chicago O'Hare and Detroit Metropolitan. Visit for a full list of gyms, prices and ammenities in the U.S. and Canada.

Check out  "How to Survive 36 Hours of Airport Delays" in time for the holidays.
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