Monday, December 20, 2010

With Bare Hands

Mountain Climbing isn't a new sport.  People have been scaling these monsters for years clad in climbing gear and a strong will to concur.  But what if there was in one man an unstoppable desire to climb the concrete, glass and mortar mountains of our fine cities?  And he's doing it free-style - no ropes, no guards, no nets.

With Bare Hands by Alain Robert, is based on the true and sometimes terrifying tales of one such climber.  Alain Roberts has been dubbed the "real-life Spiderman" and for good reason.  He has successfully scaled famous buildings all over the world using only his bare hands and fierce determination.

Crazy?  Perhaps.  Entertaining?  Most definitely.  This book will make you suck in and hold your breath as Roberts describes his harrowing experiences, not only with his climbs, but with his many brushes with the law usually leading to his arrest and most often jail time.

With Bare Hands is one book that will make you believe in the impossible, how with enough fortitude, people can overcome seemly impossible tasks.  I'm by no means a "climber" but I found Roberts tale fascinating and definitely page-turning.

Click here for more information on the man and the book. 

This would make an excellent gift for anyone on your shopping list this Holiday Season.

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