Friday, November 19, 2010

National Geographic Citizens of the Sea

To wrap up National Geographic Week we take a sneak peek at, Citizens of the Sea Wonderous Creatures from the Census of Marine Life by Nancy Knowlton.

If you ever wondered how difficult it would be to count all the people on earth image how difficult it would be to count the millions upon millions of beings in the sea - some haven't even been named yet!

National Geographic Citizens of the Sea is filled with the unusual, weird and fascinating sea-life that's been discovered and accounted for.  Did you know...about 230,000 marine organisms have names, a fraction of the millions of species believed to live in the sea?

Here's what you can look forward to in Citizens of the Sea;

1.  Names & Numbers - Discover how underwater species are counted, named and how many different varieties

2.  Appearance Are Everything - the art of disguise - blending in - deception

3.  Sense & Sensibilities - light - sound - smell

4.  Ocean Locomotion - frequent flyers - born to swim - taking the plunge

5.  Settling Down and Growing Up - size matters - life in the fast lane - Methuselahs of the deep

6.  There's No Place Like Home - hot as hades - cold as ice - life under pressure

7.  Sea Food - fish farmers - oceangoing iguanas - food without sun

8.  Best Friends - rooms and roommates - open wide - compete or cooperate

9.  The More the Merrier - packs of predators - united we stand - queen bee of the sea

10.  S*x & the Sea - choosing a mate - bullies and parasites - all together now

11.  Deep Time - arms race - frozen in time - back from he dead

12.  Dangerous Encounters - eaten alive - sea stingers - culinary disasters

13.  For What it's Worth - megabucks - Neptune's pharmacy - inspired design

14.  Bad News Good News - gone for good - at the brink - costly collapse - dissolving away

In addition to being packed full of information, Citizens of the Sea is also a hardcover book with 200 pages of gorgeous full-colour photographs looking at a world most of us will never have a chance to experience in real-life.

This book would be a perfect gift for anyone on your Christmas shopping list.  To order directly online, click here  Or check out your local book store.

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