Wednesday, November 17, 2010

National Geographic Kids - Almanac 2011

I love National Geographic!  Their publications have stood the test of time and are always guaranteed to be fascinating and full of the weird, wacky and just plain strange.

Now from the makers of National Geographic Kids comes the brand new 2011 Almanac.  This book is loaded with interesting information, facts, pictures, games, and so much more. 

Check out;

~  Your World ~ Life on Mars?
                        ~ Eruption as Seen from Space
                        ~ See-Through Fish
                        ~ And More!

~  Amazing Animals ~ Insects
                                  ~ Animals in Peril
                                  ~ Big Cats
                                  ~ And More!

~  Going Green  ~ Energy
                           ~ Our Fragile Earth
                           ~ Homework Help
                           ~ And More!

~  Super Science ~ Life
                            ~ Space
                            ~ Constellations
                            ~ And More!

~  Geography Rocks ~ Maps
                                   ~ Continents
                                   ~ Countries
                                   ~ And More!

~  History Happens ~ Government
                                 ~ Presidents
                                 ~ First Ladies
                                 ~ And More!

~  Culture Connections ~ Around the World
                                       ~ Holidays
                                       ~ Food
                                       ~ And More!

~  Awesome Adventures ~ Exploration
                                         ~ No Limits
                                         ~ Homework Help
                                         ~ And More!

~  Wonders of Nature ~ Weather
                                     ~ Life Zones
                                     ~ Rocks and Minerals
                                     ~ And More!

~  Future World ~ And Away We Go!

National Geographic Kids Almanac 2011 is 340 pages packed full of adventure and fun.  It boasts more than 15 homework-helper sections, 50 plus, puzzles, projects, and really cool experiments. More than 500 pictures of our planet and all that’s on it and over 5,000 fun and amazing facts.  In addition, watch for Zipper the virtual pet dog who will alert you to some cool clicks on the web.

What kid wouldn't love the gift of world adventure for Christmas?  To order National Geographic Kids Almanac 2011 directly click here or look where ever books are sold.

Check out National Geographic Kids on the web at;

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