Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Chance to Say Yes

More hot summer reading continues today with, A Chance to Say Yes by Tina Murray.

Check it out!

Their relationship started out as grade-school children and next door neighbours – Poppy and Heston - best of friends.

Heston gave Poppy many things – friendship, her first cigarette, but when Heston fled their hometown for fame, fortune and a very public career, Poppy tried to put her adolescent past and the biggest thing he left her with – a guilty secret, behind her.

Now twenty years later the predominant and gorgeous Heston returns home with a wife and child in tow.

“Truly, Poppy couldn’t blame Heston for coming home. She only wanted to avoid him. But could she?” {excerpt from A Chance to Say Yes}

Poppy dreamed and dreaded this day. Her unresolved feelings and passion for the hunky actor resurfaces and she must again face her biggest fear – the secret that only she and her uncle know about. That is until Poppy confides in her best friend, Sasha Bassett who has a deadly secret of her own.

A Chance to Say Yes by Tina Murray, is filled with intrigue, lies, deceit and romance. Set in sophisticated, subtropical Naples, Florida, this book gives the reader a glimpse into the glamorous, yet volatile private lives of her characters, with so many twists and turns it’s sure to keep you up reading well into the night.

Check out Tina's Blog at; http://tinamurray.blogspot.com/ or to purchase a copy of, A Chance to Say Yes click here.

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