Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Enchanted April

For Summer Reading Week, I thought I'd post my experience with 'Book Read 'Round the World Event, hosted by Carin B. of A Little Bookish

The idea was we were to choose a book (as a group) and send it 'round the world. My group chose, The Enchanted April (book review to follow) and Rikki from Germany sent me a wonderful little package of goodies from her home town of Nurnberg along with the novel.

This was a wonderful experience for me. I had a blast learning a bit about Rikki and Germany as well as shopping for the next recipient - Iris in Groningen, the Netherlands. Here's what Iris will be receiving from my hometown in Canada.

Now on to my review of The Enchanted April by Elizabeth Von Armin.

Could getting away from your everyday life actually leave you a changed person?
Four very different women all answer the same advertisement in The Times...
"... those who appreciate wisteria and sunshine…" are about to embark on more than a simple vacation to the Italian Riviera. They're about to learn some very valuable lessons about themselves and the people around them.
San Salvatore, a medieval castle calls to Mrs. Wilkins, Mrs Arbuthnot, Mrs Fisher and Lady Caroline Dester, who are all in desperate need of something; but what?
Husbands, loneliness, depression and cynicism are all part of the baggage that lands these women in the midst of a beautiful, old, magical castle.
Can they heed it's calling and tugging at their hearts? Will they actually grab onto a new way of thinking and a new way of life? Find out in, The Enchanted April.
This book was a wonderful read, written is a style that's long been forgotten, Elizabeth Von Armin, not only weaves a clever story, she also reminds us of what writing is all about.
Check out, The Enchanted April on or wherever classic books are sold.

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