Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer Reading Week

All this week I'll feature great beach books and my summer reading choices. To kick it off, check out my review of White Heat by Brenda Novak.


Looking for a steamy romance/adventure novel to wrap up your summer reading? Then I highly recommend, White Heat by Brenda Novak, NY Times Best Selling Author.

Rachel Kessop, a beautiful, self-assured agent and Nate Ferrentino, handsome tough guy both work for the same private security contractor tracking down bad guys. The relationship is strained after Rachel, in a moment of weakness, lets herself into Nate’s apartment, and awaits his arrival in bed. After a passionate night together, Rachel claims her love to a reluctant Nate.

Now as a dangerous cult quickly takes over the desert ghost town of Paradise, Arizona, Rachel and Nate must go undercover posing as a married couple to nap the leader, Ethan Wycliff.

How will they handle the close quarters of a pretend marriage? Will Ethan’s infatuation with Rachel put her life in mortal danger? Find out in this exciting read, White Heat. I had trouble putting this book down before the exciting conclusion.

For more information, check out Brenda Novaks web site at;

White Heat is available on


Free Gal said...

Hey Sandie!
I wanted to come see how you were! I haven't been in twittermoms lately because I found The Blog Frog (check it out if you get a chance!) But thought of you today and wanted to say hi!
The Frugal Free Gal

Imagination-Cafe Magazine said...

Ahh Thanks. I will check out that site.

Great to hear from you Frugal :)

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