Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Project Play - Kick the Can

Do you remember those fun games we use to play as kids, before satellite tv, Xboxes and computers? One of my favourites growing up was Kick the Can, and now your kids can play it too.

Project Play – Kick the Can written by Marlene F. Byrne is a chapter book geared towards the grammar school reader. However, this book is different. Not only will your children learn about a classic outdoor game, but they’ll experience the adventure with the kids in the book.

Byrne begins by giving the basic instructions of Kick the Can then reinforces the rules, and of course, the plain excitement this game brings to its players in her fiction story. Byrne uses a good-ole fashion block party to get the kids together for their outdoor fun. The game begins and the children are off to hide and have a blast.

And so will yours. This book is perfect for groups – sleepovers, campouts, picnics etc.

For more information on Project Play – Kick the Can, or other books in the Project Play series, please visit their web site at;

About Project Play;

Project Play’s Mission is to motivate families to bring back traditional “backyard” games. It is a movement for kids to be inspired to use their imaginations and foster their creativity.

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