Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hayseed's First Race

A high-top-high-sock wearing race horse reminds kids of a valuable lesson – Always love yourself for who you are.

Hayseed enters his first race confident of his abilities, but when a faster, taller horse named Prince Perfect makes fun of him, Hayseed begins to worry. Will Hayseed win his first race or will his own self-doubting get in the way?

Hayseed’s First Race by Sally Schrock is a charming little book filled with wonderful, self-esteem building messages. From Hayseed’s “What I Love About Me” letter to his mother’s wisdom-filled words, Hayseed will gently teach little ones a huge life lesson – “Never, ever, let anyone tell you that you don’t belong…”

The bright, bold illustrations, also by Sally Schrock, will draw your child into the story and keep them captivated to the very end. Hayseed’s First Race is a must have!

For more information or to meet Hayseed’s creator, Sally Schrock, visit their web site at;

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