Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Randy Kazandy - Where Are Your Glasses?

Randy Kazandy doesn’t want to wear his new glasses, so he does what any kid would do – he finds ways to get rid of them. However, Mom is one step ahead of Randy, and has armed herself with several spare-pairs.

Mom tries her best to keep up with Randy’s antics…who will prevail?

Randy Kazandy – Where Are Your Glasses? by Rhonda Fischer is a fun, fast-paced story. Written is rhyme, Randy Kazandy will be a delight to any child facing the same dilemma or give a better understanding to children whose friends or classmates may wear glasses.

The bright, playful illustrations by Kim Sponaugle only add to the stories appeal. I would highly recommend this picture book. It’s a must have!

Randy Kazandy – Where Are Your Glasses? is available at bookstores nationwide and online. For more information visit their web site at; http://www.randykazandy.com/

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