Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Little Skiff Copes with Valley Fever

Little Skiff, a two year old Sheltie, has a great life with his family in Arizona. He runs and plays with the kids and loves his adventures off his leash. Skiffs favourite time of the year is monsoon season when the strong winds kick up all sorts of tantalizing smells as Skiff is busy digging in the ground – that is until Skiff develops a weird cough and hurts his knee. What will the vet find? Will Skiff be okay?

Little Skiff Copes with Valley Fever by Dany Pierard-Deviche is a wonderful little chapter book that helps children deal with sickness. Skiff’s narrative voice in the face of illness, and the unique balance of fiction and non-fiction makes this book a wonderfully educational read.
The illustrations are simple and sweet and only add to the unique flavour of the story. The end of the book shows actually photos of Skiff’s x-rays as well as a glossary of words.

For more information or to order a copy of Little Skiff Copes with Valley Fever check out their web site at; http://www.FiveStarPublications.comittleskiff/index.html

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