Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Forbidden Creatures by Peter Laufer

I think every animal lover has at one time or another wondered what it would be like to own an exotic pet – I know I have. But do we ever stop to think of the consequences to the animal? Do we truly believe that we can love it enough to make up for placing it out of its natural element?

Forbidden Creatures by Investigative Journalist Peter Laufer is a hard look at the underworld of international animal smuggling. In this book Laufer exposes the dangerous world of exotics living in domesticated environments, not only to the animal, but to the owner as well – Travis the chimp made headlines when he brutally attacked his owner.

Laufer also addresses the issues of why people are drawn to exotic animal ownership. Is it ego? Money (10 to 20 billion annually, second only to illegal drug trafficking) or purely out of love? Forbidden Creatures - Inside the World of Animal Smuggling and Exotic Pets uncovers what is being smuggled, from where and why, who is doing the smuggling, and who is doing the buying? As well as what is being done to stop the illegal trading? And what does the future holds for these endangered animals?

Forbidden Creatures is a fascinating look not only at animal behaviour, but also of the people who own them. Check it out at your local book store or on Amazon.com

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