Thursday, July 29, 2010

Second Nature – The Inner Lives of Animals

I was raised to respect and love nature, so I become very incensed and angry when I see anything to the contrary.

We as a society are killing the earth and the creatures that depend on it. I believe if big industries actually took the time to study and “get to know” the many, many lives their toxins are destroying, perhaps, they wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss them.

Second Nature – The Inner Lives of Animals by Jonathan Balcombe, is a fascinating journey into the lives of many of the species we share this planet with. Balcombe uncovers the fact that animals have lives and are entitled to live it to the fullest.

Here’s what you can look forward to in Second Nature;

Part I – Experience

1- Introduction
2 – Tuning In: Animal Sensitivity
3 – Getting It: Intelligence
4 – With Feeling: Emotions
5 – Knowing It: Awareness

Part II – Coexistence

6 – Communicating
7 – Getting Along: Sociability
8 – Being Nice: Virtue

Part III – Emergence

9 – Rethinking Cruel Nature
10 – Homo Fallible
11 – The New Humanity

I thoroughly enjoyed Second Nature and would recommend it to anyone. It’s my sincerest wish that all those involved with animal testing, slaughters, hunting and big industries would read this book and hopefully, come to the conclusion that so many of us already have – that animals feel, think and matter has much as the rest of us do.

Check out Jonathan Balcombe’s web site at;

Second Nature is available on or enter to win a copy here. All you have to do is leave a comment in this blog spot and I will do a random draw on Sunday August 1'st for the lucky winner.

Be sure to stop by tomorrow and check out my interview with Jonathan Balcombe. Until nice to nature :)

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Dana said...

I agree with your thoughts on nature.. This is a soapbox of mine. As a person in ministry, it drives me crazy that this issue has become a political issue, thus causing Christians to brush it aside because of political allegiance (which is another soap box)..

Looks like a great book!

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