Friday, July 16, 2010

Top 10 Sites for Award Winning Picture Books

To wrap up "Kid-Lit" week my special guest, Margo Smith, has put together a list of top 10 sites to visit on your hunt for good children's literature. Check it out!

1. American Library Association (ALA) gives you the very best picture books for over 70 years. It's hard to even imagine so many stellar books! The Caldecott Medal (the honor for outstanding artwork in children's books) was first granted in 1938. Obtain all the award winners at this great site and build a library of excellent art work in book form.

2. - Reading Rockets become familiar with the up to date Newberry and Caldecott medalists as well as 13 other prestigious award winners in various niches for children's books. They also provide you with a list of parents' choice award winning books. Use these resources to help keep your children interested in reading through the summer with this helpful list.

3. section gives you a state by state compilation of worthy children's literature. They also offer a gathered list of awards won by authors from Canada and the United Kingdom. You will find enough quality works here to delve into for quite some time.

4. - Children’s Picture Books: thanks to their specialized categories, you can select just the right book for your child. Find tips and tricks to enable you to make the most of your reading sessions with your child. Also offered here are teacher and parent sections for those interested in teaching a particular concept to your child.

5. introduces you to a variety of impressive places where you can browse through spectacular children’s literature to ignite your child’s appetite for the written word.

6. -Kane Miller the superlative value of reading material mentioned here will give you more to read than you could ever get through. Discover just how many books you and your child can learn to love from this inclusive list!

7. - Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh will assist you by making books easier to find by their carefully sorted categories.
Finding all the books, from A to Z, has never been so simple or rewarding Search for all manner of book reviews and get to know all the books at your fingertips. Help you child be more involved in reading by engaging in writing with ‘My Storymaker’ featured at this website. One more distinguishing feature of this website is its list of any and all authors from Pittsburgh.

8. - Top 10 Picture Books for Preschoolers will assist you if you need a quick list for book gift ideas. You will find a traditional go-to resource to help you begin your valuable reading collection for your child.

9. - University of Connecticut; if you want to find a book and you know the author but not necessarily the title, this is the site for you. It supplies a frequently updated and all-inclusive selection of authors of compelling children's classic literature. This amazing site will also lead you to more outstanding locations for children's books.

10. will aid you by giving useful pointers about applying picture books to the theme of the lesson being taught.

Enjoy books this season and get to know the myriad helps open to you to help you and your child pick new favorites and fall in love with reading. Make sure the door to the world of reading is opened wide to your child!

About the Author:

Margo Smith currently lives and works along the Wasatch Front. She received her B.S. degree from BYU. She reaches into her opportunities as a modern day children’s governess, her venture to New England, her years in the business world and an author’s outlook on life when compiling articles about a variety of subjects from organic food to online classes to online classes to worthwhile picture books for children.

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