Monday, April 5, 2010

What's Going on at the Cafe?

What’s the Café serving up today? A huge scoop of Extra Helpings. This unique page on Imagination-Café.com is in recognition of good deeds. Imagination-café invites your child to write in and talk about some of the ways they have helped out. With all the negativity out there today, this page is a fun method that will spotlight the kindness and selflessness in our kids.

In addition to their good deed being showcased on Imagination-café.com, we will also send your child a personalized certificate of recognition with their name and achievement printed on it. Your child will be thrilled with his printed reminder of his act of kindness. It doesn't matter what the good deed is, whether it was a simple gesture of picking up some garbage to organizing a charity drive - we WANT to hear about it.

If your child has done something wonderful visit; and have them tell us in their own words all about it. This is not a contest and every child that writes in will get a certificate.

Note: Please send me an email at with your child’s name and address if you want a certificate sent via snail mail.


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