Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rosanne Tolin Editor-in-Chief

Imagination Cafe is an interactive website developed by Rosanne Tolin, a mother of four in Valparaiso, Indiana. It's a place where children can "feed their minds" with an eclectic menu like no other, including educational activities, games, writing projects and quizzes. "I love to use the Web to communicate to kids, because that's the medium they're most comfortable with," Tolin says.

While games remain the most popular item on the site, kids can also look to their future by checking out Career-O-Rama, which features first-hand interviews with people in various jobs.

It's something Tolin says is unique to Imagination Cafe. "That's one way I wanted to set our site apart from the others out there," she says. "I want to inspire kids to follow their dreams. I didn't see that kind of stuff on other kids' sites."

The website also allows kids to post a picture of their favorite pet and has a "suggestion box" for them to submit their ideas for the Cafe. "I definitely take those to heart," Tolin says. "Sometimes I'll get really good ideas and implement them."

Imagination Cafe has received accolades, including its listing on the American Library Association website as one of its "Great Website for Kids". "I'm pretty proud of that, because they don't choose many!" Tolin says.

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Theresa111 said...

What an intelligent and exciting way to reach out to children. Excellent idea! Pleas be sure to add this site to BlogCatalog and let me know when you do. I can write a post about it and the inspiration behing this site. Great!

Theresa111 said...

Sorry for the typos. I am working from a tiny little notebook PC.

Sandie Lee said...

No problem. Thanks for stopping by and I will definitely do that as soon as my content builds and Blogger will review the blog :)

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