Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kool Klub Krumbs

Hey Moms and Dads;

Why not check out my Kool Kids Klub. It's called Klub Krumbs. It's only some of the fun that Imagination-Cafe.com has to offer. And Klub Krumb isn't only entertaining for the kids, it's absolutely FREE for you - no hidden costs, no monthly or yearly subscription rate. Plus, I give you my personal dog-loyality-guarantee that your kids are safe at this Klub. Infact, you have to approve their membership to Klub Krumb before they are even allowed to join.

Here is what Klub Krumb has to offer;

Post a Recipe in the Cafe-Cookbook

Post a Book, Movie or Fun Stuff Review in the Tip Jar

Enter the Writing Contest

Add a Picture of Your Pet in The Doggy Bag

Share Your Good Deed Story and Get a Printed Certificate of Achievement

Post an Embarrassing Moment

Post Your Thoughts on Open Mic

The Funniest Test You'll Ever Take - Quizzes
Also enter to Win Klub Krumbs Giveaways and Signup for Klub Crackups

We're the best kids cafe around. And since we want your kids to be safe, we'll only allow them to fully sign up after you fill out the permission slip. This will come directly to your inbox, so please be sure to fill out the simple form and return it. - Imagination-Cafe Feeds the Mind.
Hope to see your kids there.

Lots of Licks,

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