Thursday, April 8, 2010

Whose Who on Career-O-Rama

What would a Cafe be without some information on your favorite movie stars?

Career-O-Rama gives your kids a glimpse into some of today's most popular teen-idols. But don't worry these are just the facts - no gossip is allowed or those distasteful rumours that always seem to circulate around celebrities. Check out 'Before They Were Famous' and Fun Facts.' This month? Kristen Stewart from the Twilight Series.

Career-O-Rama is located on Imagination-Cafe at;

But that's not all. Your kids can also take a Quiz entitled Who R U? This group of questions will help kids see past what they think may be a good job and tune into what they like to do and what they're good at (must be a Klub Krumbs member - It's FREE).

In additon, Career-O-Rama also has a Job-a-Palooza that focuses on some common (and not so common) career choices like;

*Accountant *Actor/Actress *Artist
*Cosmetologist *Counselor
*Dietitian *Disc Jockey *Doctor
*Financial Advisor *Firefighter
*Graphic Designer
*Horseback Riding Instructor *Lawyer
*Mechanic *Meteorologist *Museum Curator
*Orthodontist *Postal Worker *Police Officer
*Private Investigator *Professional Athlete
*Restaurant Owner *School Bus Driver
*Singer/Songwriter *Teacher
*Veterinarian *Wildlife Educator

So stop by with your kids and check out Career-O-Rama and all the other great spots. They'll have a blast.

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