Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kylie's Special Treat

Kylie is an artist, but she's also special in another very important way; she has food allergies.  However, this doesn't stop Kylie from accepting the invitation to Prince Steven's ball.  The catch?  She has to bring a dessert to be judged by Prince Steven.  The winning item will be declared one of the "Official Foods of the Kingdom."

Kylie wishes that night that she would bake the best sugar cookies ever!  When Kylie awakens in the morning, three baking fairies are there to lend her a hand.  Will the fairies help Kylie?  Does she has the best dessert?  Find out in, Kylie's Special Treat - A Food Allergy Fairy Tale by Letizia Barbette.

This picture book is absolutely adorable and is a must-have for any child facing a food allergy.  In addition, the author has included helpful tips, Kylie's Sugar Cookie recipe and resources at the back of the book that is sure to be appreciated by parents.

The illustrations byWendy Sefcik are whimsical and a wonderful treat to the story!

Check out Kylie's Special Treat at;, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

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