Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Klampie Mystery

When Samantha and her parents are getting ready to travel to Australia for Christmas, Dad surprises Sam with a life-sized stuffed Koala bear to travel with.  Samantha immediately falls in love with her new stuffed friend and names him Klampie (his arms clamp on to anything).

The adventure begins in the land down under as Samantha's family welcomes them and she soon learns some very big differences in their culture and time.  However, Klampie is there to help her...of is he?

On their way to her family's home, a stop at a rest area turns into a mystery - Klampie has suddenly become real and very much alive, but the family doesn't notice as "Koalas sleep alot."

When Klampie does reveal his true'ness it's too late and things are about to get exciting!

The Klampie Mystery by Luis Rodriguez is an adorable and fun picture book for children.  The story is a true adventure with fun facts thrown in to enlighten the young reader.  The illustrations are bright and bold, adding a fun, detailed flare to the overall book.

Check out, The Klampie Mystery on; www.klampie.com Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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