Monday, March 26, 2012

Car Tag ~ A Review

Three brothers - one estranged, one a cop and the other, a cop killer - equals a tale filled with hope and the power of love.

The Debecki boys' always had each other's back.  It was them against the world and especially against their step-father (biological father to the youngest brother, Alex).  The brothers didn't have much, but they had each other.  But as adults on one terrible night when Billy is drunk and ends up killing a cop, Drew once again comes to his rescue.  As Billy sits condemned on death row Drew is determined to prove the incident doesn't warrant the killing of his brother.  It may have taken a tragedy, but will this finally bring all the boys back together?  Find out in Car Tag, by H. Lee Barnes

Car Tag is a fast-paced and adventurous novel that will keep you turning those pages late into the night.  Barnes portrays his characters in a realistic way that feels like you're reading an autobiography rather than fiction.  This book is a must read!

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